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3 min readNov 1, 2022
As you know, the Can Vas collection by FVBRIX has officially started its creative rollout. Let us dive into some questions from the community and insights regarding this art collection.

What’s your philosophy behind creating the CAN VAS collection, how did it become apart of the Broken Crayon eco-system?

“Initially the idea started as a way to collaborate w/ other artists, co-creating spray-can labels w/ know and unknown street artist in the WEB3 space. I pictured it as digital juxtaposition, in which multiple artist could separately display full art pieces on one Can Vas.”

“While brainstorming potential artist collaborations, the Crayon Community requested further access, to an entirely separate collection, of “One of One’s” that I had previously teased in the recent past.”

“In response to this, I began designing a series of Can Vas labels, that features a variety of selected art works from the said “One of One” collection. My intent here was to give the broader community affordable access, to “Variants” of the 1/1’s, while still preserving the Originals in a completely separate exclusive collection.”

The One of One collection in discussion hasn’t yet started it’s public sale, but the rollout has quietly began. More details below.

The world is your can-vas. Leave your mark.

“Each can speaks to me in a way that I can’t explain, reminding me of the many nights and early mornings, walking the streets of Down Town Los Angeles, Cans in my backpack, pockets full of tips, searching for a dirty wall to call my next CANVAS. “

CANVAS ALPHA: This new addition to the Can-Vas collection is “Currently” the first introduction of the coming comic book release + more. TBA/ HODL.

What about “LYM” Mint Pass holders, do we get any kind of special perks related to the Can Vas collection? YES =)

LYM holders were airdropped 1/1’s of “The Original” art work featured on the Can-Vas labels. As stated below…

“Last month, 136/888 One of Ones, were airdropped in the wallets of participating LYM holders, the remainder of collection will be released ONE PER DAY.”

(Starting December)



Crypto Crayons

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