Crypto Crayons
3 min readNov 3, 2022


A collaboration between Artificial intelligence and Broken Crayons. A futuristic take on storyboarding, comic books, and lore development.


All Broken Crayon holders are in the process of being airdropped an NFT previewed in the snippet below.

The actual NFT airdropped previews a higher resolution, storyboard version of the entire CRAY-EYE comic book.

There are currently an amazing 500 Broken Crayon holders, so there will only ever be 500 Passes created/distributed.

The goal with this comic book is to build out the visual parameters of a world within a vague storyline.

Leaving out the specifics will enable the community to collectively take part in the co-creation in the unfolding of a plot.

This will be the canvas on which the colorful details of lore can blossom within the cohesive storyline can grow and fill in the void. As we create, the story will grow.

MY goal as an artist is always to think of creative ways in which we can expand the IP of our creative eco-system.

With that in mind, I though it to be cool, if we started to build out the world in which all of my collected art works, from my NFT eco-system, could together take form, and evolve into a comic book style storyline.

By doing this, it enables us as a community, to expand character connection while giving collectors a chance to write the evolutionary journey of each integral part of the overall art collection.

MESSAGE: Embrace the highest RAYS of love and gratitude always, and remember your greatness. It is a honor to have you in the tribe and to know that the message of self love and purpose, resonates with you. Stay Weird.

If you are a collector of Art by FVBRIX, you’ll be happy know that there will be appearances of familiar faces. ☺

Familiar Faces? Does that mean Broken Crayons? PlayM8's? For starters, let’s give a sneak peak of some character esthetics that you’ve might’ve before, “from the 3D HOMI collection”, but never like this.

The image above is an example of how I wish to expand character connection with collectors. Introducing historical aspects of lore, to familiar esthetics from their growing art collection.
RAYONS are chosen by GHOMIS and light source, before birth, chosen to take part in the undoing the machineries destroying their forgotten nature. Since it is an evolutionary process, RAYONS aren’t aware of their true purpose until they evolve.

Oxygen is removed from the atmosphere and the land becomes occupied by single cell robots as all complex multicellular life vanishes. Without the digital extension of self, humans could not live on earth, natural breathing of mind and heart beats were now simulated digitally.

The city of Eudemonia boast its society structure is centered around the pursuit of true happiness via technological innovation and artificial intelligences.

Save this link, as this article will continue to expand, as we discuss and decide further as a community on how we would like to evolve.



Crypto Crayons

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