Nostalgia Week

Friday — Halloween =)

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3 min readOct 30, 2022
The ’90s were the most ‘advanced’ pre-Web era in terms of culture, which is why it might seem so appealing to those who didn’t experience it.” Let us re-imagine.

What’s the deets on nos·tal·gia week?

/näˈstaljə,nəˈstaljə/ noun

  1. a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

STARTING THIS WEEK: HOMIS art is revisiting some of our most favored moments from our 90’s past, this offers the artist the creative opportunity to thoughtfully re-imagine, and introduce some of our most beloved esthetics into the FVBRIX eco-system.

NEW Drop Process? Updates & Details.

After the release of a couple test-drops, and silently soaking in responses from the community. It is Inevitably clear, that some people are more tech savvy than others. An of course, those using bots, are able to snag a bunch at mint price/FREE, to intentionally raise floors, flip 2X , then exit..

Theres all kinds of collectors, and the flippers are welcome. But, it does suck for the ones that are here to collect longer term, and are forced to pay premium because they were out tech’d.

This motivated me to take some time away from daily drops, and instead go back into the art studio and finalize enough of my HOMI blueprints, and eventually release them in multiple waves, preferably 4 at a time.


This will hopefully slow the pace of FOMO BUYS, resulting in failed transactions, and allow collectors to take their time, browse and decide which HOMI speaks to them the most, and most importantly… COLLECT from a place of peace instead of panic.

Giving my collectors access, is the most important to me, appose to an immediate sale out. Since we are on the subject of access, lets address a community members question below in regards to AR/ VR .


Excited to present the augmented reality extension to the Homi’s IP. To get started download the Sketchfab app on a mobile device// VR Head Set. After download completes you can start viewing Homi past releases, samples for future drops, and more. When toys? =)


A curated environment setting to experience/ interact with community + the entire collection in one gallery. Great way to experience each piece in detail, and decide which ones you want to trade or collect/ display.

Lastly let us address a recent hiccup that occurred with the previous flash sales. About 10–15 community members made it known, that after completing their purchases, their HOMI NFT never made it to their wallets.

Upon contacting Opensea support, we realized that the OS platform was going through system updates, and this update was apparently affecting the NFT space as a whole. Meaning, many other collectors from different projects, was also experiencing the same delayed deliveries.

Luckily, days later, after updates completed, the crayon community began receiving their once missing NFT’s , without warning, Opensea just dropped them into their wallets.

Since this was happening at random, I still wanted to qualm the feeling of impatience, and do something special for “a few” of the wallets that experienced failed transactions, lucky community members were selected via DM, and received airdrops from New 3D HOMI release, and others were even gifted $50-$100 in Ethereum. These messages were selected at random.

Did “Nostalgia Week” drops already start?

Where do I grab one?

Yes, there are currently 5 NEW HOMI’s added to the OPENSEA collection, visit : and see what you’ve missed. There’s more to come, keep an eye out for the FREE MINTS =) . (Randomly listed.)




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