Risk taking: Life & Career Assessment

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2 min readAug 13, 2021

“Playing it safe” is really the biggest risk in the world. Therefore we all are risk takers of some degree.

From a stargazing concept, to the point of physical manifestation, true risk taking means believing in yourself enough to put in the real life work required to continue the manifestation of your most deepest desires.

Less than 5% of our population fall within this catagory as true risk takers. Therefore, you can’t always look outside of yourself to friends and family, to find confirmation from others that you are on the right path. My ability and willingness to learn from life’s trial and errors, and move beyond the fear that proceeds them, is what has now allowed me to continue my advancement forward, at the current rate that I am.

Simply put, as a kid learning to ride a bike, you fall off, you immediately get back on your feet and ride again. The quicker you get back up, and back on the bike, the faster you will get to your end goal. But if you fall off, and stay down, you dwell on the fact that you just fell, you become overwhelmed by the thought of being incapable, and you lose in your pursuit of conquering balance.

My point is, don’t wait a week to try again, fail as many times as you can, as quick as you can, until you reach the point of mastery. My personal successes, as well as the success of my brand, has literally been built on the back of adversity. How I have reacted to my shortcomings is what determines the degree of my current successes. We must never be afraid to fail, face your fears head on, take the risk and in that action, the fear will vanish.

Show me someone who has never risked failure, and in return, I will show you someone who has never attempted the impossible.

In closing I will leave you with this quote by Earl Nightingale,

“You can measure opportunity with the same yard stick it takes to measure the risk involved.”



Crypto Crayons

“Playing it safe” is really the biggest risk in the world. Therefore we all are risk takers of some degree. We are not that kind of risk taker.